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To request a regular collection from the bakery, please complete this form.

If you would like more than one collection every week or another order that's not possible on this simple form, please email: and we'll get you set up.

About collection

The times when you can collect bread from us are limited.  We're not a shop and not open all day so collection will only work for you if you are able to collect within the following times:

Weekdays (sourdoughs): 7.15-8.15am; Weekdays (yeasted breads): 8.15-9.00am

There's more information about our breads here.

It's easy to put your bread on hold for a while if you're away, or to make a change to your order by emailing


All of our collections are paid for by direct debit once a month.  We'll send you the link to set this up after we've got your bread account set up.  Please note that if you order bread and don't collect it, you will be charged.

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Please detail your patisserie order here stating quantity for each item; we bake: croissants; pains au chocolat; pains aux raisins and cinnamon & cardamon boller.
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