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Cooper's Bakehouse started in the back garden of founder Francis Cooper in 2012.  Building a wood fired oven the bakery began delivering to homes, shops and cafes.  To meet demand Cooper's Bakehouse moved into Dragonfly Place in 2014.  We deliver all of our bread to homes by bicycle and use a car-pool van to deliver to shops on Saturdays and Sundays; overall we deliver 81% of our production by bike: 43,700 loaves last year.

In line with our environmental ethos, our power is all sourced from Ecotricity. In 2017 we ran a successful Crowdfunder campaign to support the purchase of a new oven: here’s the film we made for that campaign.

Cooper's Bakehouse only uses organic flour, water, organic salt and fresh yeast in our bread.  We make real, slow-fermented, breads that are healthy and full of flavour.